Stolen Goods

Let go.

These 2 words were so difficult for me to live out 8 months ago.

Not because I wasn’t on the right path in learning to live with less possessions in my life, but because something happened that was out of my control.

Control.  Now there’s something I really need less of in my life.

8 months ago my roommate and I were robbed.  Not exactly sure what happened (even though I think I have a pretty good idea), but my things were missing, nonetheless.

I had about 10-15 pieces of jewelry stolen (almost all of which were sterling silver pieces, except for one, which I’ll get to in a minute), and some leftover pain medication from a previous ear infection and tonsillectomy.

If you’ve never had something stolen from you, I can’t express how painful it is.

I felt so violated.  Someone had been in my personal space, touched and gone through my things, and taken whatever they wanted without my permission!  I remember crying for so many nights about these items–maybe not so much over the stuff, but because of the way it had been done.  I didn’t give up these items.  They were taken from me.

The one piece I was most bummed out over was a ring my boyfriend had given me for our 2 year anniversary.  It was such a unique piece of jewelry, and even though I didn’t wear it daily, I loved it.  This was something that was not only unique, but special to me for sentimental reasons.  And now, it was something I would never be able to replace.

My boyfriend was mad at first, probably because he saw how upset it made me, but he quickly became my grip on reality.  While I was struggling with the pain, irritation, and anger from it all, he was there telling me to just let go.  It’s just stuff. 

He was right.  If the point of all of this is to be able to live with less in my life and not value my material possessions over my relationships and experiences, then why couldn’t I let this go too?

My boyfriend reminded me of the way we felt when he gave the ring to me, to show that it wasn’t about the item–it was about where our relationship was at that place and time.  I didn’t need the material possession to have that memory.

I started learning to let go.

I emotionally let go of the items I’d lost, the anger in my heart towards the person who’d taken them from me, and control of the situation.  That’s just life.  These things happen all the time, and if I’m going to live with less, this is all part of it.

I’m reminded of a quote by Lindsay on her Passionate Homemaking blog.  I’ve used this quote previously, but I think it fits the occasion perfectly:

God centered simplifying is letting go of anything that is ruling in my heart.  What am I afraid might be damaged [or stolen]?  That might be a clue to an idol in my heart.

So, no more!

I refuse to let a material possession, or loss thereof, rule in my heart and life.

I will simply breathe….and let go.

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