We’re All Minimalists

I was talking with family the other day about my use of minimalist principles in my life and how much doing so has changed me over the past few years.

“Truthfully, I believe we’re all minimalists,” I said.

I went on to explain how we all have our favorite possessions: a handful of favorite clothes, favorite shoes, favorite jewelry, favorite hair/makeup routines, favorite pieces of technology that get most of our use, favorite bands/CDs/records, and even favorite meals that we prepare.

All minimalism does is calls us to have those favorites be in the forefront at all times, never getting pushed to the side by the mounds of clutter that creep into our homes, slowly taking over our spaces and lives.

Instead of feeling trapped by all the “stuff” around you, the “stuff” that prevents you from getting to spend the majority of your time indulged in the few favorite items that bring you the most pleasure, why don’t you consider becoming one of the brave ones?  Make the tough choices to eliminate the clutter that doesn’t bring you joy during this way-too-short period we have on this gorgeous planet.

Truthfully, based on my experience, you probably won’t even miss the cast-offs.

I honestly can’t recall a single thing I wished I had held onto during my bouts of decluttering.

And it’s funny how things change; I’ve reduced my possessions by about three-quarters, and instead of looking around and asking myself where everything went, I find myself remarking on how much there is still left to be rid of.  I know if most people saw my house, cabinets, and closets, they’d think of me as a crazy person for saying such a thing.

It’s OK, though.

My life is changing.  My goals are changing.  My definition of happiness is changing.

And my lust for life becomes more ardent with each passing day.

Again, we’re only here for such a short time.  So why should we allow ourselves to be bogged down by the things that not only don’t bring us joy, but also take joy from us?

Let your inner minimalist come out.  I promise, you won’t regret it!

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7 thoughts on “We’re All Minimalists

  1. Traci says:

    I don’t ever miss my cast offs, either. Nicely said!

  2. Sheila says:

    Great post and great insight! You put it so well–I’ll have to add that to my explanation over our lifestyle, thanks!!

  3. Brandi Mitchell says:

    Laura, I love this post! I had a misconception about minimalist: that they don’t cherish items and get rid of everything they don’t need (way off, I know). I have recently wondered about the minimalist lifestyle mainly due to your posts and thought it is a wonderful way to live, to focus instead on things that do matter. However, I thought “I love this certain necklace too much…I could never do that.” Reading that you focus more on your favorite items without having cast-offs to steal your focus makes me want to get rid of all the junk in my closet! This is a great post. Thanks for sharing!

    • needforless says:

      Brandi, I’m so glad the concept clicked for you! It’s definitely not about throwing everything away for the sake of doing it and not caring. Haha! Although it IS about developing a healthy relationship to “stuff”, where if you lose an item, the world doesn’t come crashing down. It’s just stuff. Relationships are most important. This clicked for me after my cousin died. That’s when I started casting off junk. I’ve really grown to appreciate space more than clutter. It just makes me feel lighter in spirit and more serene. Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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