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To-Go Box

Just a quick post on this lovely fall day. . . .

I just wanted to take a minute to share one of the ways I keep decluttering on the brain.

Sometimes it’s hard to keep your less-is-more focus when life starts happening around you. You’ve worked so hard and come so far on your minimalist journey, and then, before you know it, life butts in and stops your progress in its tracks. In some cases, it may even push you back a few steps.

It’s OK. This kind of thing happens all the time. We just have to be aware of it and keep pushing through the interruptions.

One way I do this is to always have a designated spot or box in my house–usually near the back door–where I can drop any item that no longer fits in my life.

I yanked that itchy top off just as quickly as I pulled it on while getting ready for work because I knew I wouldn’t enjoy wearing it all day? In the box it goes on my way out the door.

That annoying kitchen utensil got in my way again as I was trying to find the one I use for every, single meal prep? Toss it in the box!

Even though these unwanted items still remain in my home for a few weeks after I decide to purge them, I’m still steadily making progress. The decision has already been made, and it feels good to have a visual reminder in a forgotten corner in my mud room of my constant steps forward.

I have even found when I don’t have a box or area set aside for these cast-offs, I tend to not address them in those defining moments. I’m a firm believer that everything should have a place in the home, and knowing that even my unwanted items have a designated, albeit temporary, residence helps keep the decluttering process moving.

So don’t get bogged down by setbacks, big or small. Put little plans into place to keep yourself progressing, even when you don’t have the free time in your schedule to plan a decluttering afternoon or weekend.

Baby steps!!!

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Helping Hand

I have this friend who has reached a point in her life where she desperately needs change.  And I feel compelled to help her.

She needs a life with less in it. She is becoming overwhelmed with all the tasks, responsibilities, and things in her life. She’s also working her tail off in school to get a kick-ass degree that she hopes to use to help others one day.  With all this school work rightfully taking priority in her life, it’s no wonder she feels suffocated by all the extra.

This is not to say that she’s a miserable person.  She’s actually quite cheerful most of the time, even in the face of the numerous obstacles that are being thrown in her path.  All of these trials continue to leave her a stronger and better person in the end.

We have gotten to know each other through work.  She has been reading my blog, intrigued by the idea of minimalism and having a life with less and, therefore, started to do her own research.  She has become enthralled in these ideas that had initially grabbed me and inspired me to make changes in my own life.  So she came to me asking for my help, and I am more than happy to do so.

Because, you see, I think I may have found my purpose in all of this. Not only to help myself–which would have been reward enough–but also to help others who yearn to take this path but don’t know where to begin.  I feel that, even if I do nothing else to contribute in their journey, I–at the very least–have been called to raise awareness in their minds of how much better their lives could be if they break free from the consumerism monster!

Why should we live like the world tells us we should?

Show yourself that you’re better than that.  Show yourself some respect.

Treat yourself to a life far better than anyone else is capable of, as long as they are stuck in this depressing and disappointing cycle of More.  Learn the value and love the truth in Enough.

Live like nobody else!

I’m excited to begin incorporating my experiences of helping others into my blog.  It will still be, overall, about my journey; only now with the addition of my perspective of the journeys of those I’ve helped.

It would thrill me beyond belief to know that I’ve inspired someone to begin their own journey, and I would be ecstatic to be part of their support in its beginning.  It could mean offering a helping hand in going through their stuff (which is what I’ll be doing with this particular friend), or even just using my knowledge of the subject to guide and counsel them through some other form of communication. Whatever the means, I’m all about the end result.

Let’s get de-owning….and learn to want less together!

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Done….For Now.

Once again, I’ve reached the end of a simplifying cycle.

In less than 2 weeks, my mother and I will be holding, yet another, garage sale.

This time, what we do not sell will most likely be immediately donated.  (In the past, I’ve kept these left-over items for a future garage sale, but am now at a point in my life where I just want to be rid of it.)

I would donate everything immediately–and part of me thinks this would be more rewarding–but am sort of in need of a little extra cash at the moment.  The only items that will not be donated are ones that can be sold online for a respectable amount, such as antiques and collectibles.

Right now, my parents’ dining room is completely over-run with our junk.  I couldn’t believe the amount of stuff we were able to let go of….AGAIN!  After all, this is not our first rodeo.  It seriously looks like an episode of Hoarders!

As I’ve gone through almost everything I have–except for a couple of large stacks of records I’ll attack this week (the vinyl kind, not the paperwork kind)–I really feel satisfied.  Like I’ve finally arrived.

However, based on my previous experience, I know that this feeling is only temporary.  This is just the finish line for this particular layer of the process.  In a very short matter of time, I will find more that I know I can, and will want to, do without.

I love that about this lifestyle.  I feel like I’m constantly growing and changing, learning new things about myself every single day.  It’s an ongoing journey to be content with less and to really learn the meaning of enough.

But….I think I’m getting a little bit closer.

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