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Goals are Good.

With my journey well underway, I’ve decided that I need a list of goals to strive for.

I’m working on minimalizing my life so that I will be able to pick up and go with little to no hassle, whenever the time calls for it.

I know that there will be some possessions that I will own that will be a pain to haul around, so I’m taking a little advice from Miss Minimalist.  When she and her family decide to up and move, they simply leave their big pieces behind by selling or donating them, and re-buying them at their next location.  This may seem silly to some–selling what you already have, just to replace it ASAP–but to me it makes total sense.  Imagine the money you save on moving costs!  No need to rent a moving truck if you’re a minimalist. 🙂

That being said, these are my goals:

1. Have only one plastic container for keepsakes–and not a huge one.

2. Be able to fit all my clothing and shoes into one duffel bag.  (Yes, this includes winter and summer wardrobes.)

3. Have one backpack of entertainment or extra items.  (This would include a laptop, iPod, chargers, journal, etc.  Basically, anything I wouldn’t want to have to replace in case of emergency.)

4. Have an attachment-free home.  (I want to have zero emotional attachment to my furniture and decor.  I don’t want to be scrambling around the house trying to “collect” all my keepsakes in the event of a natural disaster, tribulation-flee, or the zombie apocalypse. <wink>)

These are four basic goals I have for now.  As you can see, these only pertain to my possessions.  I will have another list of mental goals in the future, but I’m finding it difficult to reduce my mental clutter while my visual/physical clutter still requires so much of my attention.

Also, this list is subject to change as I make progress.  I’m not opposed to the idea that what I think is best for me now, may not turn out to be what’s best in the end.

Gotta start somewhere, right?

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